Air Date – June 13th, 2019

Are you #TeamKidani or #TeamJambo? In this week's show, we start our discussion of Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village and Jambo House. On this week's episode, we have two special guests. Tom Voss from Welcome Home Podcast and Donna Bickert the admin of the Facebook group Disney Vacation Club: Community Hall joins the show to help lead a community discussion about quintessential DVC member debate – Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani vs Jambo!

By joining the debate and discussion we're sure we can help you decide on this classic debate in the Disney Vacation Club community: Kidani or Jambo? In part one of this conversation, our team discusses rooms available, pools and restaurants.

If you want a great summary of the differences, check out DVCInfo's comparison page on Animal Kingdom Villas. In the show notes, we'll try to cover the discussion with some added videos.


Jambo is the only DVC resort with Club level rooms and also the only resort with Value level rooms. This came about because when the top two floors were converted from a hotel to DVC, the existing hotel room configuration was converted to DVC as well. The hotel was built with smaller rooms along the parking lot side and they became value rooms. The rooms overlooking the lobby area are inside the Kilimanjaro Club and when the rooms converted to DVC, they kept club level access. Unless you own at AKV, both rooms are extremely difficult to book at 7 months. If you want either room, you're automatically #TeamJambo because they only exist at Jambo.

Extra Bathroom at Kidani's 1 and 2 Bedroom Villas

The 1 and 2 bedroom villas at Kidani have an extra bathroom (found at 2:29 seconds into the video below. The master bathroom found at 5:30 in the video is absolutely huge.

Chad shot this footage in July 2018. Theme Park Brothers edited and put up on their channel.

In terms of the pools, you can easily walk or take a bus between the two resorts. However, you should plan on 10-20 minutes to travel between the resorts. All resort facilities are available to guests at both locations. The question is which pool do you want to be closest to? At Kidani, you have an immersive oasis pool that overlooks fields of Florida wetlands that will trick you into thinking you're in Africa. The entire pool area is very well themed. You have to cross the parking lot to get to the pool and the pool bar; however, once there it is an immersive experience. Generally speaking with kids and pools, the rule is simple. Just add water. They tend to love anything that has water.

Kidani also has what a lot of members consider the best children's splash-and-play areas you will find in the Disney Vacation Club. You have water guns, dumping buckets, play structures and leaking roofs along with numerous playground climbing opportunities perfectly themed to the Africa vibe of Animal Kingdom.

Both pools offer zero entry options and slide. According to Chad, Jambo has the least impressive slide in all of DVC with a short run that only has 2 simple turns. Kidani offers numerous twists and turns with a very long run. Kidani also offers a straight slide for small children.

Most members agree that the lack of a viable quick service option at Kidani should be taken into consideration. Chad pointed out that his family eats breakfast in the room and really doesn't care for the fast-food options at most quick-service restaurants. Kidani has Sanaa in the lower lobby area that is best known for their bread service while Boma at Jambo house has the legendary Zebra Domes as a dessert. Donna pointed out that Zebra domes are also sold in small packages in the Kidani gift shop.

Chad commented that one of his favorite signature dining options is Jiko at Jambo House. No discussion of Animal Kingdom restaurants is complete without discussing the buffet at Boma.

Chad, Tom and Donna will be back to finish the discussion at a future live show!