My DVC Points
My DVC Points
Market Softens, DVC Listings Rise After Genie+ and AP Increases

We're entering a slight buyers market as prices start to decrease a few dollars a point. Disney Genie+ and Annual Pass increases with feature losses have motivated numerous members to list their contracts. Episode 169

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Average Sales Price:

  • Cooling off – but Still Up 19% from August 2021
  • All but 3 Resorts Dropped a few dollars a point.
  • Old Key West, Boulder Ridge and Hilton Head each rose $2 a point.

Right of First Refusal Buy Backs:

  • OKW – 7
  • SSR – 4
  • BWV – 1
  • AKV – 9 – Note – Huge $10 a Point Jump – $122 to $132
  • HHI – 2
  • CCV – 1

Inventory Analysis:

  • Active Listings at time of recording: 397
  • Few days after AP news hit, there were 507.  Between Genie+ and Annual Pass price increases, a lot of members who were thinking about selling went ahead and did so.
  • Two Old Key West 2057 Extended Listings

Old Key West Follow Up

  • Since the resale restrictions were announced in 2019, we’ve been commenting OKW is a great value if you want your blue card.
  • A new theory popped up that that’s very intentional on behalf of DVC.  In 2042, they get half a resort back.  They can’t really sell 15 year contracts when they get the points back.  That’s going to be awkward.  The theory goes DVC intentionally makes it a great deal for a lower priced option.  This way they can ROFR up the 2042 contracts and resell them with the extension.  That minimized their future 2042 problem.
  • 27.1% of the contracts bought back in 2021 were Old Key West.

Old Key West Letter Sent to Members

  • Disney’s letter indicated they were offering 10% more than they normally spend at ROFR.  Instead of $80 a point, they’re being nice and offering $88.
  • Meanwhile a 200 point contract would sell for about $125 at DVC Resale Market or they would buy it back on an instant sale for $108 a point.
  • What’s particularly disturbing about Disney’s letter is the fact that savvy members follow the resale market.  We know for a fact their normal buy back rate is much higher than $80 a point.  DVC Resale Market has a 60% market share and they publish their ROFR numbers.  DVC.Stats mines Orange County Deed records and they publish highly accurate data on DVC Resale.  Technoloagy and the internet are making it really hard for Disney to support these claims.  Sending this letter to lowball sellers completely lacks integrity of behalf of Disney Vacation Club and is something we would expect from a traditional sleazy timeshare developer.  Historically speaking, Disney Vacation Club has always been different; however, moves like this start to question the direction of the company.

In short, the market is cooling off some.  We’re starting to see a slight buyers market where more sellers are in the market than buyers.  However, sales volume continues to be strong.  DVC Resale Market has sold more contracts this year to date than in previous years.  People are still buying DVC, but the market may be correcting some due to the pent-up demand for vacations and all of the extra income people had from not traveling.

Today's show was edited by David Kluver. Show notes and audio mastering by Chad Pennycuff.

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