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My DVC Points
128 Monthly DVC Resale Market Update for November of 2020

Jodi Gross from DVC Resale Market joins us to discuss the latest happenings in the resale market. Old Key West leads Right-of-First-Refusal buybacks in 2020. For the most part prices held steady or slightly rose in November; however, most changes were within anticipated deviations.

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Average Sales Prices:

Nov 2020 Average Sales Prices – Walt Disney World Resorts
Nov 2020 Average Sales Prices Update – Grand Cal and Beach Resorts
Highest Buy Back Prices for resorts that did not pass Disney's Right of First Refusal – You may want to consider bidding above this price!

In terms of inventory, the market is picking back up on the supply side as we run into the end of the year. We're up about 100 listings from this time last month. Dues were announced and statements will be mailed out shortly. If you're in the market to buy, bear in mind, Santa's Elf's must be reporting good things about resale buyers. Historically, DVC has had a tradition of passing a lot of contracts (if not all contracts) during the last few days before Christmas to make sure there are some contracts under the trees or stuffed in member stockings.

No one single resort stood out as a great buy opportunity. Jodi indicated supply is low for Boulder Ridge and this may be a great time to list a contract from that resort. However, we did find numerous hidden gems in the DVC listings. Chad was drooling over a subsidized dues Aulani contract.

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