N005 Disneyland DVC Tower Details Revealed and 3 Attractions Closing at WDW
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On July 16th, Disney officially announced the permanent closure of Stitch’s Great Escape, Primeval Whirl, and Rivers of Light. Two of these attractions were already nearly closed before the whole COVID crisis, but Rivers of Light came as a surprise to many. 

On July 17th, the planning and building committee of the city of Anaheim recommended approving the new DVC Tower at the Disneyland Hotel. The committee published a 1,605-page document detailing the resort.

  • 1.77 Acres Located between the convention center and the Frontierland Tower
  • 12 Story Tower with tiered levels off the back towards Walnut street to minimize view to outside property.
  • A planned completion date of 2023
  • This project will be a significant improvement to the view from Walnut Street versus the current ivy-covered chain link fence.
  • Location is 350 rooms
  • 342 rooms in the main building and 8 “garden” rooms next to the pool deck
  • 38 Pods (2 person suites similar to Riviera Tower Suites)
  • 253 Studios
  • 19 2-Bedroom Lock-offs
  • 20 dedicated 2-bedrooms
  • 2 Grand Villas (2-story on floors 9+10 and 11+12)
  • Garden Rooms are 4 Studios and 4 Pods on two levels. 
  • The largest floors have 40 rooms (Floor 3-5). As the floor number increases, the number of rooms per floor decreases. The 12th floor only has 20 villas.
  • 305 Parking Space expected. 
  • The pool is 2,400 Square Feet (32 x 75 for example)
  • 870 Square Foot “Interactive Water Feature” (Splash Pad)
  • Pool Bar that seats 20 – only dining at the Tower
  • Fitness Center – 1300 Square Feet.
  • Lobby with DVC Desk & Concierge + 4 elevators
  • Community Hall – 1126 Square Feet.
  • Two stories breezeway from the main resort back to the pool area. 
  • Basement level used for Backstage.

Detailed photographs and drawings from the plan are available to see at https://www.dvchelp.com/page/disneyland-tower-dvc-2023

Link to 1605 page document: http://local.anaheim.net/departmentfolders/planning/PC/Item3.pdf

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