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N007 DVC Blue Card Requires 125 Points and More News

125 Points Required for Blue Card Direct Membership Perks, Saratoga Springs Contractor files Suit, Beach Club's Stormalong Bay Reopens

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In today's episode, Shannon and Peter discuss the new rumored 125 point minimum purchase required to get a Blue Card issues by DVC that unlocks the membership extras. Peter concluded that the difference on 125 points direct vs resale at Animal Kingdom would be $9,000 to $10,000. Both hosts agreed, that price difference is really going to be hard to make up in 10% dining discounts and free Mickey Bars at Moonlight magic events.

According to rumors, new owners who wish to have access to the full slate of Disney Vacation Club perks and benefits will soon have to own a larger number of points purchased direct from DVC. Multiple sources indicate that Disney Vacation Club plans raise the number of direct purchase points required in order to receive access to Membership Extras. Currently, owners must have at least 100 points purchased direct from DVC in order to access a variety of benefits including the after-hours Moonlight Magic events, Annual Pass discounts, dining discounts and more. DVC is reportedly planning to increase this to 125 points in the coming weeks. DVC first instituted these restrictions back in April 2016. For access to member perks, owners were required to hold some number of direct-purchase points with no stated minimum. In February 2018 a 75-point minimum was instituted, and later raised to 100 points in September 2019. Existing owners have previously been grandfathered into their current status at the time of each policy change. 

Note this increase is only a rumor at this time. Disney Vacation Club has not officially notified members of any pending increase. 

Disney Sued By Saratoga Springs Contractor

The Orlando-based construction company originally hired to renovate Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa has sued Disney Vacation Club Management for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation. 

Validus Construction Services has filed suit against Disney after being dismissed as contractor on the 2019 Saratoga Springs renovation project. A story in the Orlando Sentinel details the allegations against Disney. Trouble reportely began when Validus crews discovered fire code violations which dated back to the buildings' original construction in 2004. Rectifying these issues reportedly increased the cost and duration of the project, creating friction between Validus and Disney executives.

Disney is also accused of making a variety of mistakes during the refurbishment including purchasing the wrong model refrigerators and light fixtures which did not arrive on time. 

Meanwhile Disney project manager John Gavin is accused of harrassing Validus owner Nicole Wickens both verbally and via text message. 

According to the suit, all 18 buildings at Saratoga Springs were due to be completed between April 2019 and November 2020. By December 2019, only the four buildings in Saratoga Springs' Congress Park section had been completed. In late December, guests at Saratoga Springs and Disney's Riviera Resort were ordered not to use the new pull-down beds after reports of the beds coming detached from the wall. The problem was seemingly rectified several days later. 

Three buildings in The Springs were in the midst of renovations when the project was interrupted in March 2020 due to COVID-19. According to the Sentinel report, Disney met with Validus execs on March 11 to request that all current projects be completed by April 11, at which time the contract would be terminated. Instead, COVID-19 forced an end to work as of March 17. 

Disney has since hired one of Validus' former subcontractors to complete the project at a cost $13 million higher than the original $48 million deal. 

The amount of damages were not specified. 

Polynesian's Tambu Lounge Reopens

Disney Vacation Club members have another option for food and drinks when visiting Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. On Sunday, August 16, Tambu Lounge reopened following it's COVID-19 closure. The food menu includes several new items including a California Roll, Island Flatbread, Big Kahuna's Hot Wings and BBQ Pork Ribs. A wide variety of specialty cocktails is also available. The complete menu can be found on the Disney website

Beach Club Marketplace To Close For Month-Long Refurbishment

With little advance notice, the quick service dining venue at Disney's Beach Club Villas will soon close for upgrades. 

Beach Club Marketplace is set to close August 23 to facilitate updates to the facility. Changes will include an updated store layout, mobile ordering and new beverage island. Grab-and-go food items will be temporarily offered at the Beach Club's nearby Solarium, and beverage mug refills will be available at Hurricane Hannah's pool bar and The Market at Ale & Compass located at the adjoining Disney's Yacht Club Resort

Beach Club Marketplace is scheduled to reopen some time in late September. 

Stormalong Bay To Reopen August 24

Stormalong Bay is reopening on August 24th. Beach Club had inventory available prior to this news being release and now has almost zero availability. DVC Members love Stormalong Bay.

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