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N020 Blizzard Beach & Newscast's Predictions for the New Year

We're walking in a winter wonderland as Blizzard Beach officially has a reopening date. Join Shannon, Peter, Jake, & Vicky as they close out the inaugural year of the DVC Newscast with information on the next time you can plunge down Summit Plummet, Snow White's Enchanted Wish, as well as some bonus content with the team's predictions on what 2021 will look like at the Disney Parks. Here's to a magical new year!

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Disney Parks Blog Provides Details for Snow White’s Enchanted Wish

According to the Disney Parks Blog, “As we’ve previously announced, Snow White’s Scary Adventures has been undergoing a magical reimagination. While Disneyland park has been closed, Walt Disney Imagineering has been putting the finishing touches on this cherished attraction, which will be ready to welcome guests when we reopen our theme parks at a later date. Vibrant new shadow projections bring to life the dwarfs as they march happily off to work in the mine singing “Heigh-Ho.” The most dazzling scene is the mine, which sparkles with shimmering lighting effects and glittering jewels all around. There are more surprises to discover and we cannot wait for you to experience the magic of this timeless fairytale, and Snow White’s enchanted wish coming true at last!”

Blizzard Beach Reopening Date Announced

Disney Water Parks will soon be an option for guests as Blizzard Beach is set to reopen on March 7th, 2021. While there are still details pending for specific safety protocols when visiting the water park, Disney Parks Blog released a “7 Reasons to Be Excited for the Opening of Disney’s Blizzard Beach” article in anticipation of this exciting news. It is also worth noting that no opening date has been announced for Typhoon Lagoon, but there will be no shortage of fun as Blizzard Beach is home to Summit Plummet – one of the fastest waterslides in the world with a top speed of 65 miles per hour. Once additional details are released closer to the reopening date, we will be sure to report back with an update on this story.

Disney Wish Atrium Statue Revealed

During the Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration on Christmas Day, Disney Cruise Line enthusiasts were surprised to see the Disney Wish's atrium statue revealed. The brand-new Disney ship, set to sail in the summer of 2022, will feature Cinderella, and she will join the cast of atrium statues in the DCL lineup. It is also the second time a Disney Princess will feature on a ship as the Disney Wonder has Ariel as its featured character.

Predictions for 2021

  1. When do you predict fireworks and nighttime spectaculars, such as Happily Ever After or Fantasmic, will return?

Shannon: “I predict sometime in the second half of 2021 and could see “Harmonious” being the first to begin.”

Peter: “Sorry to negative on this one, but I don’t think we see any of the night-time stuff return before the 50th. They are not going to want to gather crowds. I think this includes Harmonious.”

Jake: “While I anticipate abbreviated versions of these shows to return sometime in the spring, I think it will be summer to early fall until we see these spectaculars return in their full form. I could also see the brand-new “Harmonious” nighttime display being the first to light up the sky.”

Vicky: “I feel these can be brought back now because the holiday projections on the castle already cause guests to stop on Main Street for an extended time, and these shows take place at a distance from guests, so there would not be increased risk to cast members.  So, hopefully, once the new year begins and park-hopping returns, they will start these shows.”

  1. When do you think new Walt Disney World Annual Passes will be available for purchase, at least for DVC Members? (Note: Annual Passholder renewals are currently being sold at the 15% off renewal discount rate.)

Shannon: “While I believe it will be later in 2021, I think DVC Members will receive priority access.”

Peter: “I don’t think it will be too long – by May.”

Jake: “Spring; possibly around the March timeframe. I do believe DVC Members and Florida Residents will be the first to be given the opportunity, followed by the general public.”

Vicky: “I am going to predict once vaccines begin in Phase 3 which is the general public then they will allow new annual passes to sell once more.”

  1. When will guests have the chance to visit Disneyland or stay at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian again? 

Shannon: “Summer at the earliest – around July or August.”

Peter: “Who knows…. I’m going to say September.”

Jake: “Sometime between March and April for both theme parks. We could see the DVC portion of the Grand Californian open ahead of time like they originally had planned.”

Vicky:  “I would say 2-3 weeks before the parks open they will be able to have guests stay at Grand Californian.  I do not see California budging on having theme parks open any sooner than at yellow “minimal risk” tier, which is the least restrictive tier which is less than 2% positivity.”

  1. If you had to take a ‘wild’ guess, when will the hotel side & expanded dining options of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House reopen?

Shannon: “Probably around the time of the 50th Anniversary.”

Peter: “Summer at earliest, but I think more likely next Christmas.” 

Jake: “Possibly by late summer and I would be surprised if it didn’t reopen ahead of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.”

Vicky: “Perhaps same time as the 50th unless things are completely normal before then (fingers crossed).”

  1. Last but not least, when will we be able to trick-or-treat at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or enjoy endless Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars at a Moonlight Magic event again?

Shannon: “I predict we will see these events return in 2021 around the September timeframe.”

Peter: “I think you will have the hard ticket events back in the fall, though maybe not as many as usual. Moonlight magic won’t be back until 2022 – if ever – DVC could do that because they were flush with cash. Not so much right now.”

Jake: “I’m hoping for a regular calendar of events for late 2021 with the Halloween and Christmas parties & Disney After Hours operating during their normal timeframes.”

Vicky: “I agree I think this year especially it also being the 50th will see the holiday parties return.”

We look forward to, in hopefully a year from this recording, looking back on this episode and seeing how our predictions lined up with what actually happened.

From all of us here at My DVC Points & the DVC Newscast Team, we wish our loyal listeners & Patreon members a safe and magical new year!

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