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N024 Epcot Member Lounge Renewed & More Riviera Rooms Declared

Disney's Riviera Resort, the newest edition to Disney Vacation Club, has declared additional rooms into its inventory for DVC Members. Join Peter, Jake, & Vicky as they discuss the Epcot DVC Member Lounge staying open through 2021, an update from Riviera Resort, a 30% merchandise discount for DVC Members and Passholders, and a new “Scenic Selfie” scavenger hunt experience in all four theme parks.

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DVC Member Lounge in Epcot Open Through 2021

The Epcot DVC Member Lounge, a complimentary space for Members to enjoy while visiting Epcot, will be open through 2021. This space is located in the Imagination Pavilion for DVC Members with blue card benefits. 

Source: Disney Vacation Club

Additional Villas Declared at Disney’s Riviera Resort

As of January 15th, 2021, Disney’s Riviera Resort has declared 24 additional villas for Members to book using Vacation Points. This addition included:

  • 3 Tower Studios
  • 2 Dedicated Studios
  • 2 Dedicated 1-Bedroom Villas
  • 8 Lock-Off 2-Bedroom Villas
  • 8 Dedicated 2-Bedroom Villas
  • 1 3-Bedroom Grand Villa

In total, Disney now has 147 of the 341 villas declared in this resort for Members. 

Source: DVCNews

 “Scenic Selfie” Scavenger Hunt for DVC Members Announced

A “Scenic Selfie” scavenger hunt is set to launch on February 16th in all four Walt Disney World theme parks. DVC Members are asked to take selfies in locations described by a series of trivia questions using their smartphones. A series of four collectible buttons will be awarded as prizes for those who complete the quests. The DVC kiosks in each theme park are:

  • Magic Kingdom: Tomorrowland
  • Epcot: Canada Pavilion
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Land Entrance
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom Park: Asia

Source: Disney Parks Blog

30% Merchandise Discount Returns for DVC Members & Annual Passholders

From February 2 through March 2, 2021, Disney Vacation Club Members & Annual Passholders can save 30% on purchases at Disney owned-and-operated merchandise locations at Walt Disney World. For other dates, you can still save 20% on purchases. As always, show an active Disney Vacation Club Membership or Annual Pass card at checkout to take advantage of this discount.

Source: Disney Vacation Club

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