My DVC Points
My DVC Points
November 2023 Market Update: Resale Prices Cool Down and Polynesian Heats Up!

Andy Berry from DVC Resale Market joins our monthly resale market recap report show to discuss average sales Prices, Right of First Refusal buybacks (ROFR), inventory analysis, and the impact of the Polynesian tower joining the existing condo association of Polynesian owners. Episode 273

Listen in as I'm joined by fan-favorite guest star Andy Berry for an insightful discussion on the latest happenings in the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resale market. In this episode, we discuss the November Market Recap Report from DVC Resale Market, covering the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) report, average sales prices for different resorts, the Sign and Stay promotion, and the popularity of the Polynesian resort. Andy and I delve into speculation around the quiet ROFR Monster, where Disney's financial focus might be, and the state of the market.

We explore the advantages of buying a subsidized dues Lani contract, one of the best deals in the DVC market, and the benefits of a guaranteed week contract. As the potential expansion of the Polynesian resort leads to a surge in resale listings, Andy and I agree that these resale contracts are a fantastic buy. The conversation takes an interesting turn as we delve into the fascinating history of the Polynesian resort, discussing the benefits of owning points there and highlighting available double-point contracts and sign-and-stay deals.

Our conversation continues as we discuss recent changes in Right of First Refusal prices and their potential impact on the DVC resale market. Andy shares valuable tips for navigating the DVC resale market and the anticipation surrounding the new Moana-themed rooms at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. We also announce an upcoming hide-and-seek event at Disneyland and extend a warm invitation to our listeners to join us. Join us for a compelling conversation that will provide valuable insights for anyone interested in DVC and its current market trends.

(00:05) – DVC Market Recap and Refusal Report

(12:39) – Subsidized Dues and Polynesian Listings

(18:39) – Polynesian Resort and DVC Points Discussion

(28:52) – Hide and Seek at Disneyland

(32:51) – Unofficial Disney Vacation Club Podcast Talk

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