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Once You Stay at Old Key West, It's Hard to Back to Cash Rooms with Jason Dodge from the DBC Podcast

Episode 158

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Jason joins us from the DBC podcast. Jason traveled to Disney as a child and pre-teen but didn't visit Disney as a young adult. Jason's sister brought the family to Disney in 2015 to Old Key West in a DVC 2-bedroom villa. Jason loved the feel of Old Key West, the activities at the resort, the low-key feel, and the Florida resort vibe. 

Jason's family loves to rock matching t-shirts when they go to Disney! They wear the shirts on the first day and last day of each of their trips. They usually travel with Jason's mother, but look forward to an upcoming trip for 11 family members, including his father, who rarely travels to Disney. 
Jason's hidden gems of his Disney vacation include building in breaks for the parks with a character meal like Chef Mickey's. It gives his family a chance to rest, recoup, and enjoy some time off their feet, without leaving the magic. 

Jason shares the pros and cons of going to the Halloween party at Disney World and a funny story about his sister and her tunnel vision on grabbing candy while dragging the entire family around each candy station. Grandma was not a happy camper!

Episode 158 was Produced by Mary Anne Tracy, Edited by David Kluver, Show Notes written by Annelie Heinen and Audio Mastering by Chad Pennycuff.

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