My DVC Points
My DVC Points
Pixie Dust and Practicality: Roxanne Steele's Disney Vacation Club Adventures

Join us on a magical journey with our special guest, Roxanne Steele, as she shares her incredible Disney backstory and journey toward becoming a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member. Roxanne shares her humble beginnings and the determination that led her to frequently visit the magical kingdom more than she ever imagined as a kid. Listen in as she shares her secret strategy of making Disney an integral part of her lifestyle, making it an achievable dream. Roxanne specializes in Interval International Exchanges. Episode 264

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(0:00:00) – DVC Points Podcast – Disney Timeshares (12 Minutes)

We welcome Roxanne Steele to share her Disney backstory and the journey that led her to DVC membership. Roxanne grew up middle class and had the opportunity to go to Disney a few times as a kid, but staying on property was far out of reach. She finally returned to Disney in her early 30s and realized she wanted to experience the magic more frequently. With her newfound knowledge of frequent flyer miles and the Disney Vacation Club, Roxanne made Disney a regular part of her life. We hear how Roxanne worked the system to make Disney an achievable part of her lifestyle and the success she has seen.

(0:12:23) – DVC Contract Purchases and Resales (4 Minutes)

Roxanne missed out on investing in Old Key West in 1999, and she and her husband eventually compromised to purchase two different contracts – a direct contract at Copper Creek and a Beach Club resale – to lock in their benefits. She got a Riviera contract for 155 points through the Magical Beginnings promotion. She also purchased and resold an old Key West contract and recently bought a 100-point Polynesian contract.

(0:16:43) – Disney Vacation Club Experiences and Strategies (8 Minutes)

We continue our conversation with Roxanne Steele about how she managed to snag a great deal on an old QS contract last year, allowing her to travel to a beach cottage in Vero and enjoy the double points. We share our amazement at the strategy of DVC and how one can buy a timeshare and make money from it. We explore Roxanne's recent purchase of a small Poly contract on resale and her hope to qualify for the new tower rooms with it.

(0:25:08) – Favorite DVC Resorts and Vacation Choices (13 Minutes)

We continue our conversation with Roxanne Steele and explore the differences between Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge Villas and how each offers a unique experience. We hear about the cabin stay at Copper Creek donated to Roxanne by a listener. We imagine what we would do with 2000 magical pixie-dusted points that could book anything in the DVC system, including Adventures by Disney trips to Europe, Portugal, or Yellowstone National Park. Finally, we talk about how Roxanne has rented points to make her Disney travel dreams come true.

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