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129 - Reasons to Buy DVC on the Resale Market

You've heard why Blue Card Members love going direct; now it's time to hear why so many people opt out and purchase on the secondary market. Spoiler: it saves you a LOT of money, but that's not all. Join Chad, Jake, & DVC Resale Market Agents – Marissa and Derek as they discuss why adding resale is still an excellent option for those looking for maximum value.

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Editorial Note – At My DVC Points, our mission statement and core values involve hosting open, authentic, and respectful conversations in the DVC member community so that listeners can make informed, educated, and empowered decisions about the best course of action for their families. We're passionate and engaged consumers of Disney vacations. We're not associated, affiliated, or compensated in any shape, form, or fashion by Disney or their subsidiaries. We're huge fans of buying direct and buying resale.

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What is Resale?

The resale market is an alternative option to buying directly through Disney. While we dive into the details of why it's different, you are essentially getting the same product for a lower price. However, there are some non-financial differences that we go into in the show.

Top Benefits of Buying Resale

  1. Significant Savings Over Buying Direct
  2. Help Another Disney Family Who Needs to Sell
  3. Access to Sold Out Inventory
  4. When You Sell (and you're very likely to sell before it ends) You Will Have a Lower Cost Basis

1. You save a LOT of money.

You can generally save up to 40% off a DVC contract by going the resale route versus directly through Disney. This is the biggest reason why so many people will choose resale over direct because it is a much better value and can save you a good amount of money – especially on large point contracts.

2. You can help another Disney family out that needs to sell.

Sometimes, life happens, and other things have to prioritize members' lives, and they have to sell for financial reasons, or they're just not feeling the Disney love, and they need a break. By supporting the resale market, you are not only saving a ton of money, but you are also helping a Disney family sell their contract and spare them the burden of keeping the contract. It's a win-win scenario for both parties.

3. Access to Sold-Out Inventory

Some of the older smaller resorts are readily available on resale, where direct may not have them available any longer, such as Grand Californian, Beach Club, & Grand Floridian.

Since many smaller resorts are sold-out through DVC, it can take a month for them to become available through Disney. Through the resale market, you can almost always find hard-to-get resorts like Beach Club or the Grand Floridian because it's the first place it goes before it potentially ends up in Disney's hands. Not to mention, even if it is available directly through Disney, you will be paying thousands of dollars more for the same resort.

The only way Disney can regain control of these contracts is through Right of First Refusal (ROFR). Essentially, ROFR is the act of giving Disney the option to buy back a resale contract at the negotiated price so that they can re-sell it themselves.

4. In many cases, since you’re paying much less than direct, you can re-sell in the future and break even or make a profit on the initial investment. You have a much better chance of retaining equity. Peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best possible price out there.

While DVC is certainly magical and a step above other timeshares, it's a real estate transaction. As an owner, you always want to see it retain its value or grow from a financial standpoint. Since you're paying significantly less for the same contract on the secondary market, you are much more likely to see it retain its value since you're paying a lower price per point. This is another reason resale is such a popular option because if you ever need to back out of Membership, you have a better chance of breaking even or making a profit on the principal investment.

Post-Production Comments

Annual Passes

One of the biggest reasons Members will go the direct route is to have access to the Gold Annual Pass, which has limited blackout dates. In 2020, the price for the Gold Pass was $719, and the DVC rate for Platinum is $899 (rack-rate is $1,195). However, if you are a Florida Resident, you don't need the Blue Card to access this pass. Since many DVC Members enjoy having access to the Gold Pass, savings become irrelevant if you have that residency affiliation.

Current Direct Pricing

Below is the current pricing for when you buy a contract directly through Disney as it's comparable price on the resale market.

DVC ResortCurrent Direct PriceCurrent Resale Average Price
Animal Kingdom$186$116
Bay Lake Tower$235$147
Beach Club$235$145
Boulder Ridge$186$122
Copper Creek$220$151
Grand Californian$280$219
Grand Floridian$255$165
Hilton Head Island$135$69
Old Key West$165$106
Saratoga Springs$165$106
Vero Beach$120$74
*Direct pricing is as of the date of recording. Resale averages from DVC Resale Market's website as of November 2020.

This is the first episode of a two-part series. Stay tuned to our upcoming episode where we discuss the “Counters to Buying DVC Direct” and talk about Membership Extras and why you shouldn't look into them too much.

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