DVC Resort Wiki




We're working with other DVC Members to create the ultimate DVC member resort wiki.  The content found, collected, and curated by DVC members for other members.  Our vision is to use the latest technology in visual web design and to recruit a team of DVC member fans for each resort to regularly update and refresh the content.  There's a lot of great information on the internet about these resorts, but not every site is maintained and quite often we stumble across little golden nuggets.  Our desire is to curate this content and provide the information and/or links to the best resources for each resort.

 The vast majority of the information in our Resort Wiki will be available to the public free of charge.  Some of the information will require a subscription to My DVC Points plus.


 A Summary Page for Each Resort Containing  

  1. Address w/ Google Maps Integration
  2. Resort Location
  3. Deed Expiration
  4. HTML Point Chart
  5. Room Inventory
  6. Why Stay Here?
  7. Why Rent Here?
  8. Why Own Here?
  9. Member Testimonials
  10. Current Direct Price
  11. Links to the detailed sub-pages 

Detailed Information on Sub-Pages 

  1. Room Information

  2. Visual Room Finder

  3. Pools & Recreation

  4. Transportation Options

  5. Food and Beverage Guides

  6. Buyers Guide and Financial Analysis

  7. Cast Compliments


    Are You a Super Fan of Your Home Resort?

We need volunteers.  We're looking to recruit a team of researchers for every DVC resort to scour the internet and find the best information available.  Please contact Rob Midiri on Facebook for more information about joining a team.