Disney's Hilton Head Island

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort
22 Harbourside Lane
Hilton Head, South Carolina 29928
Front Desk:  843-341-4150
Fax:  843-341-4130

Grand Opening: March 6, 1996
Deed Expiration:  Jan 31st, 2042
Years Remaining: 19
2023 Dues per Point: $10.73

Direct Purchase Summary
Direct Cost per Point: $165
Direct Cost per Point per Year: $8.68
Minimum Points for New Members: 100
Minimum Points for Existing Members: 25

Disney's Beach House at Hilton Head
11 Ocean Lane
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Beach House:  843-341-4100

Resort Refurbishment:
Next full refurb: 2021 Delayed to 2022
Next soft goods refurb: 2028

Resale Summary as of April 2023
Average Cost per Point: $73
Resale / Direct Savings: 55.76%
150 Point Blue Card Premium: $13,800
Free Moonlight Mickey Bars to Break Even: 2,425
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Point Charts & Booking Tips

2023 HHI Point Chart
Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort 2022 Point Charts

Hilton Head Island Resort 2021 Point Charts

Hilton Head Island Resort 2020 Point Charts

Hilton Head DVC Room Inventory

Hilton Head is a Seasonal Resort

Peak demands are in the summer months from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Many members along the East Coast enjoy stopping at HHI as they drive to and from Walt Disney World. HHI also offers the benefit of being an easy commute for a weekend away to many South-Eastern United States residents.  Come January, demand is extremely low despite Hilton Head studios being the absolute lowest point studios in the network.

Summer Weekdays Are Insanely Hard to Book

  • Fact: Rooms are 57 to 80% more expensive on weekends than on weekdays.
  • Fact: DVC Members Stretch Points.

Given the considerable point disparity between weekday and weekend points, many members prefer to avoid the high point cost weekends. Therefore, the resort is almost 100% occupancy most of the summer from Sunday to Thursday nights. Generally speaking, we’re huge fans of the DVC availability charts created by the team at DVCHelp.com. However, when looking at the point availability charts on DVCHelp.com for the summer months, bear in mind their 2-week data collection and presentation methodology doesn't lend itself to understanding how difficult it is to book a weekday at Hilton Head in the summer.

Walking Tips for Summer Weekday Nights:

Per DVC rules, you can book up to 7 nights inside the 7-month window, and you can utilize this booking rule in your favor. Because the resort sells out Sunday-Thursday, it’s going to be almost impossible to walk a reservation in summer. However, this weekend avoidance also creates an opportunity for a short reservation walk.   

If you’re short on points, you can start a regular walk on Friday and power through until you get your days. However, if you have extra points available to cover the weekend, you can book a padded reservation as an alternative to walking.  

For example, if you wanted to stay at HHI for three nights from 8th to the 11th, 2021. The 7-month mark for your desired stay doesn’t start until January 8th. However, we suggest that you log in on January 6th and book August 6th through August 11th at the 7-month mark. On your actual 7-month mark date, you don’t have to fight for a room at 8 am. Instead, you can log in and simply drop two extra days.

Hilton Head Island Summer Booking Tips

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