My DVC Points Live! 04-26-2020 – New DVC Corona Policy Updates and New DVC Survey This Week

Join the DVC member community hall live conversation as we discuss the new DVC policy changes in light of the coronavirus closures, and a new survey went out this week. (Due to the length of discussion, Build It, Back Burner It, or Bulldoze It! budget cuts game was postponed a week). This week’s hosts are Chad, Alicia, Mary Anne, and Shannon.

Live 03-29-2020 Why do DVC Members Love Moonlight Magic?

Join Chad, Alicia, Samantha, and Ken as we discuss current all things about Moonlight Magic! Today’s Agenda. What’s your revised countdown?
How are you feeling with the “until further notice” announcement?
What parks have you attended a Moonlight Magic event at?
Moonlight magic edition favorite attraction/ food vouchers/ Mickey bars
Moonlight magic must do’s
Member Game. Theme Park Attractions: Fast Pass, Standby, or Reimagine?