Season 3 Sponsors

VIP Patreon Producers Club

Great content requires not only a great team but also financial costs to cover.  Our sponsors and patrons help cover expenses such as gear, web hosting, podcast hosting, video production, software, hardware, professional services, and shipping costs.  Without their support, we would not be able to produce over 2 hours of content each week that is designed to help members make informed and educated decisions.

Season 2 Sponsors

DVC Resale market

Industry Leader in DVC Resales

Whether you are buying or selling, DVC Resale Market wants to put their knowledge and world-class service to work for you.  Our team includes 11 former DVC Sales Guides and two former DVC Quality Assurance Managers. Combined, the team speaks four different languages, has sold over 500 million dollars of Disney Vacation Club, and has more than 100 years of combined direct DVC experience.

Vacation Club Loans

President and DVC Owner at Polynesian

Vacation Club Loans offers competitive financing rates to direct purchase and resale buyers.  Contact Vacation Club Loans to see if they can lower your interest rate on a refinance or help you avoid selling a paid off contract with a cash-out refinance.  To learn more, visit or get to know Debbie in episode 027.

Patreon Supporters

Normal DVC Member Supporters

Our patreon team is committed to helping sharing our positive message about the DVC community.  Normally Patreon members receive some type of bonus or extra content.  However, our group requested that we move to a weekly show for the entire community to enjoy before we start creating exclusive content.  When the Dole Whip Club reaches 50 members, we will produce a third show just for the patreons.

Main Street USA Photo Credit to Michael Gray.  Used under a creative commons license.