What is a Membership Report?

We're a DVC podcast so we do things a little bit differently.  You’ve probably heard a traditional trip report on a traditional Disney podcast.  Most of Disney podcasts are produced by Disney travel agents. This is where a client comes on the travel agent’s show and shares the highlights of their recent Disney trip.  Trip reports are extremely interesting content because we get real-life testimonials of positive and negative experiences from a single trip. However, when we’re talking with a DVC member we’re talking a park veteran who has purchased a 50-year vacation membership with Disney.  A membership report captures the highlights of an entire membership.

Why listen to a Membership Report?

My wife and I looked at DVC for almost 15 years before joining DVC.  We were planning on another Disney trip and started looking into membership again.  I thought I was convinced it was the right time.  Our finances were together.  Our kids were just old enough that we could enjoy traveling with them.  My wife was still on the fence and decided to set up a phone with Sue a friend of my mother-in-law.  Sue had been a member for almost 20 years.  That interview with Sue was a game changer.  We were already Disney fans.  I looked into DVC multiple times but never bought.  Sue explained all of the resorts, banking, and borrowing.  Direct and resale.  She owned Beach Club and Saratoga Springs.  She purchased directly from Disney at every contract and add-on.  We had an expert DVC guide that was a true member.  She had no vested interest in helping us other than being an awesome member of the DVC community.  I also looked at the prices I was quoted over my 15 years of looking and saw prices consistently rise.

We spoke with Sue and she told us about buying in when her kids were younger, her kids were out of strollers when they joined. We heard about another family going to Disney together and sharing 2 bedroom villas.  The years went by and we brought on mother-daughter senior trips at Disney, hearing about spring break trips from with college friends, and giving her points to her daughter for her honeymoon.  Sue's now at a stage where she's waiting for the opportunity to take her grandchildren to Disney. Our kids were just under the age when Sue bought into DVC. We looked at each other and without saying a word, there was an instant agreement. It wasn't an agreement to buy DVC.  It was an agreement of a lifestyle that we want to live.  A life where we work hard to earn money and invest a portion of that back into a lifetime of great Disney memories.  We want our kids to have to work and save up their own money to buy their own treats and merchandise at Disney.

Sue's advise for us – buy Bay Lake from the resale market, supplement with some cheaper Saratoga Springs points for the 7-month window and buy just enough direct points to get the benefits.  Another friend suggested we work with DVC Resale Market.  Sue had not purchased from them personally but said they had a phenomenal reputation in the DVC community.  We followed Sue's advice and it worked out extremely well.

Since joining DVC, we've been active in numerous online DVC community sites and facebook groups.  We see people asking the same questions we did.  We see members looking to learn from each other.  We see people on the fence and wondering if this is right for them.  In short, we see a bunch of people all looking for Sue and her unbiased real-life member experience.

At My DVC Points, our mission is to entertain, inform and connect the DVC community.  If I could summarize it in one sentence, my goal is to introduce you to somebody who can be a Sue for your life and family planning.

We need More Sues…

Trip reports are some of the most highly rated segments on Disney podcasts.  We all want to hear stories of real people’s experiences.  People are tired of the sales and marketing hype.  Believe it or not, sharing your stories, your experiences and your preferences are entertaining, informational and sharing your story builds community.  Sharing your story will help somebody’s commute or workout become more bearable. You may be the Sue to a listener that helps them make better decisions about how they spend time with their families.

On a very high level, we look into 7 areas:

  1. You and your family.  Who goes on vacation with you?
  2. How did you do Disney prior to joining DVC?
  3. Factors about your decision to buy into DVC.  Resale vs Direct? Home resort? Any hesitations or reservations?
  4. Where have you stayed on your membership?
  5. Since joining DVC, how has your family vacations changed?
  6. What’s on your DVC bucket list?  Where would you like to stay?
  7. Any advice to members or prospective members?
  8. Connect and Your Ask of the Listeners

Are you an experienced member?  Has DVC been a blessing in your families life?  If so, the community wants to hear your story on the My DVC Points podcast.  Please fill out the form below and we'll contact you about sharing your wisdom.