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My DVC Points started off as a simple blog and podcast in the summer of 2018. We started off with this vision of expanding the DVC member-to-member conversations from text-only Facebook groups and online forums to a podcast and blog platform. We grew into a thriving online community with our Facebook page and multiple facebook groups. In January 2019, we started off using free Skype accounts and eCamm live software on Chad's mac to produce a weekly live show. As the show got better and our audience grew, we realized we're on to something here. My March of 2019, our expenses increased again when we subscribed to a software service that made possible for our co-hosts to contribute to the show. Any of our co-hosts can now host the show, read all of the comments, display comments and drive further engagement with our community. In May 2019, we decided to add another software service that allows us to multicast the weekly live show across FaceBook, YouTube and Periscope at the same time.

As we grew, we asked the question, why should we limit ourselves to just members that have the technology requirements to record a show? We decided to break through that barrier and purchase four professional quality microphones and headset kits to ship to members who have a lot to add but lack the hardware required. Unfortunately, these kits come with shipping costs as well.

My DVC Points is currently producing 2 podcast interviews a month and a weekly live stream show available on Facebook. We need to create podcast channel just for the live show.

We would like to move the interview based podcast to a weekly show as well; however, in order to do so, we're going to have to outsource writing the show notes and editing the episodes.

Thus far everything has been privately funded. We've avoided sponsors and Patreon as long as possible. As the show expenses near $200 a month, we need help to offset the expenses of producing great content that is 100% member focused.

If listening to our show has helped you drive more value from your membership, we ask that you consider supporting the show. There are various ways.

  1. Become a Monthly Patreon Supporter. The Dole Whip club starts at just $5 a month, and you will get access to a very informal insider show.
  2. Amazon Purchases. Just type mydvcpoints.com/amazon into your browser any time you shop Amazon. It costs you nothing and helps drive a little income towards the show costs.
  3. Purchase T-Shirts from DVCSwag.com.
  4. One Time PayPal Donations: paypal.me/chadpennycuff

Thanks as always for listening, contributing and being an active member of the DVC community. We all have limited time off-work, limited points and limited time with our families. Our goal is to create content that helps you get the most out of your membership. DVC is a wonderful product and we can get the most out this membership by learning from each other.



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