Community Hall Live!
Community Hall Live!
C021 The Best & Worst DVC 1-Bedroom & 2-Bedroom Villas

DVC prides itself on creating “home away from home” environments with their 1 & 2-Bedroom Villas. These spacious rooms offer families convenience with larger accommodations that include washer and dryers, full kitchens, living areas, and so much more. What's your favorite one to call home on vacation?

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Join the conversation as Chad, Alicia, Brad, Jake, & Sam discuss their best and worst 1 & 2 Bedroom villas and why they prefer some over others.

The Best & Worst 1-Bedroom & 2-Bedroom Villas

  • What are your criteria?

When deciding which villas the best, a couple of things the panel took into account: floor plan and size, point value, location, and specific room features.

  • What do you consider the best?

Old Key West, Bay Lake Tower, Animal Kingdom Lodge, & Grand Floridian look to be fan-favorites among our crowd and panel because of the room layout, point values, amenities, and location.

  • What do you consider the worst?

While there's no wrong answer to choosing the worst, the crowd and panel concluded that Saratoga Springs, Beach Club, Boardwalk, & Boulder Ridge villas ranked on the lower end due to the room layouts, bathroom facilities design, and aesthetics.

During the episode, we took a look at some of the 3-D layout views located in the My DVC Points Resort Wiki. Be sure to check those out, as they are an excellent resource for your planning and research.

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