My DVC Points
My DVC Points
The Worst One and Two Bedroom Villas including "The Beverly of DVC"

What are the three worst one and two-bedroom villas in DVC? We asked our panel of studio staying experts to give us their top 3 choices. We asked them to focus exclusively on the room as we've discussed the resorts in numerous other shows. We also asked each guest to choose their own descriptive language to describe their bottom three villas. Floor plan and decor preferences were significant factors in Episode 225

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Chad's “Least Favorite and Worst Ever” 1 and 2-Bedroom Villas

  • Copper Creek Villas – See Sue's comments below. Chad also owns the majority of his points at Copper Creek.
  • Old Key West Original Buildings – The first phase of Old Key West up by Hospitality House has an issue where the floor plans did NOT get a doorway build from the laundry room into the master bathroom. If you have a one bedroom, there's only one bathroom. If the people in the living room need to use the facilities, the only way to get to the bathroom is by passing right next to the master bed. If you're in a dedicated two-bedroom, you must go through the master or additional bedroom to get to a bathroom. This is completely unacceptable. The only workaround is to request a room near the back of the resort. Apparently, after phase one, DVC had the floor plans updated to add this doorway. Sadly, they didn't install a door with a support header in the last major refurbishment.
  • Chad calls four Way Tie with a Floor plan affectionally called “The Beverly of DVC.” “The Beverly” is a horrible-tasting soda that has become an EPCOT Club Cool tradition. Nobody likes it; however, it's now part of the Disney World culture, and we take pride in subjecting new people to “The Beverly.” The angled bathrooms started at BoardWalk and continued through the following three resorts built: Boulder Ridge, Beach Club, and Saratoga Springs. The problem is that when you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, finding your way through all of those angled doors is incredibly confusing. Did I lock both entry doors? Am I going to lock myself out of all these doors? Nobody likes this bathroom layout; however, it's part of our home that we can't change and accept as a home.

Sue's “Not My Style” 1 and 2-Bedroom Villas

  • Copper Creek Villas – The fundamental issue is that these rooms were converted into hotel rooms. They're the smallest villas in DVC. You can't sleep a 5th or 9th person in the rooms. The galley-style kitchen prohibits movement through the villa when somebody is cooking, cleaning, or even opening up the dishwasher or refrigerator.
  • Beach Club and BoardWalk are equally tied. The small rooms and angled bathrooms are not her styles. DVC has made significant improvement's in the last twenty years to their floor plans.

Tim's “Most In Need of a Refurb” 1 and 2-Bedroom Villas

  • Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village – It all comes down to the dark decor and DVC doing things on the cheap when building Kidani Village. While you do have an extra bathroom, that comes at the expense of kitchen storage space. The laundry room doors are quite beat up from the entrance door, constantly hitting them as guests come and go.
  • Beach Club – Dedicated two bedrooms do not get a murphy bed. The angled bathrooms are horrible.
  • BoardWalk Villas – (Tim is a BoardWalk owner) – Tim starts with all of the other reasons that apply to the Beverly of DVC style rooms we discussed and two additional points. One, there are no dedicated two-bedroom units. You'll never get two actual beds in the studio side at BoardWalk. Secondly, the door to the studio side is at the rear of the villa. It makes getting in and out of the studio side more difficult when you're near the room's capacity.

Roxanne's “One and Done” 1 and 2-Bedroom Villas

  • Bay Lake Tower – Rooms can be very sterile and light on theming other than concrete jungle contemporary.
  • BoardWalk Villas – The red and green Christmas colors in my room give this low-end traveling circus vibe. The multiple-angled bathroom door layout is confusing. You can't use the toilet when somebody is showering. The living room feels really tight for 8 people.
  • Animal Kingdom Villas – Not a fan of the dark decor or the orange tiles in the bathroom. The kitchen leaves a lot to be desired with black appliances. Everything is just too dark. You can still see all the animals from the lookout in the lobby.

Today's show was produced by Roxanne and Sandy Symaniack. Editing by David Kluver. Show notes and audio mastering by Chad Pennycuff.

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