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Tips for Using DVC Points in a Holding Account

Listen in as we unravel the complexities of Disney Vacation Club's holding accounts and arm you with strategies to make the most of these challenging situations. We'll explore the specific scenarios that lead to points landing in a holding account, such as late cancellations or modifications, and discuss the limitations imposed on these points, like booking restrictions and the inability to bank or borrow. I'll share invaluable insights and four clever tactics to help you use your points before they're gone, including the intriguing ‘DVC point shuffle.' It's a treasure trove of information essential for every DVC member looking to navigate their membership with finesse.

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A Holding Account is a “parking space” for Vacation Points from a Disney Vacation Club Resort reservation that has been modified or canceled 30 days to 1 day before your scheduled Check-In date.

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Holding Accounts are essentially a penalty box for points.

DVC offers a lot of flexibility.  However, when it comes to holding account points, you give up two major flexible Here are the two big flexibility penalties:

  1. The points can only be used to make a reservation within 60 days of check-in. 
  2. Holding Account points cannot be banked or borrowed and must be used within their Use Year.

Here’s what you can do with points in holding BEFORE the end of your use year:

  1. Book another DVC villa within 60 days of check-in.  Availability will be slim.
  2. Book a Disney Collection resort subject to their rules. (It must be direct points, DVC rule of 4, and a $95 reservation fee applies.)
  3. Modify an existing reservation 60 days before check-in.  This one is rather sneaky.  If you have another reservation coming up in the same use year, you can potentially use the process to modify your reservation to swap out holding points for allocated points.  Bear in mind you don’t have actually to change anything.  The process of modifying your reservation technically counts as re-booking the vacation.  The magic happens in the last booking step when the system reuses the point selection process.  The system can select your holding points when you modify the reservation in the magic window of 60 days to 31 days before check-in.  (If you modify after 30 days, any points exiting the system will be sent to the holding account).  The programming has a set priority of point utilization that maximizes point flexibility – the least flexible points are used first, and the most flexible points are used last.  The website will use holding first (if you’re within 60 days of check-in), then borrowed and banked points, and the last thing it uses is “allocated points” – those are the native points allocated to that use year.  Allocated points have the most flexibility in that they can be banked, borrowed, or transferred.
    1. Caveats.  All of the other booking rules still apply.  Reservations made within the 11-month window will lock the contracts.  This may not be an issue if you only have one or multiple contracts at the same resort.  Multiple home resorts and 11-month home resort priority bookings can complicate things.  The upcoming reservation was made in the 11-month window, and your holding points are from a different resort.  Even if you book precisely seven months before check-in, the second through seventh nights are technically within the 11-month window, and you’ll see a locked icon on the contracts you used.  This reservation is locked only to use contracts from that same resort.  If you only have one home resort, this won’t be a problem.
  4. Transfer the points to another member with an existing reservation before the end of your use year.  You must make a 3-way call with your friend and member services.  All of the other rules about transferring points still apply.  However, you can give the points to another member who can have member services, book another DVC villa, book the Disney Collection, or modify an existing reservation to reshuffle the points.

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