My DVC Points
My DVC Points
Update on Disneyland Paris Trip Using Airline and Hotel Points

In 2023, Lyn Metler from Families Fly Free inspired Chad to set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of taking his family of 5 to Disneyland Paris and paying for the entire trip with frequent flyer miles and points from various airlines, credit cards, and hotel chains. Chad and Lyn are checking in on their three-month progress.

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Since becoming members of Lyn's Metler's Families Fly Free program, Chad and Laura applied for four credit cards in three months and met the minimum spend. Please note only 1 of the four cards is recommended in Lyn's program. Lyn recommends four cards:

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred
  2. Capital One Venture X cards
  3. Chase Southwest Personal Card
  4. Chase Southwest Business Card

Because most of our travel is planned out a year or two in advance, we felt it best to wait to get the Southwest cards to earn a companion pass until 2024 to be good until December 2025. This gives us more time to transition from being a Delta/Spirit family to a Southwest family. Change isn't easy. The Pennycuff family knows Delta and Spirit Airlines programs extremely well, as Detroit is a hub for both airlines. Lyn's system primarily works on Southwest. Anything other than

Lyn teaches a very specific system. However, Chad's worldview on education is not blindly following somebody else's system. As listeners of the show may realize, Chad prefers to research options and make his own decisions about what's best for our family.

We've had some negative experiences with Capital One's system security and uptime. We decided to hold off on doing more business with Capital One until we felt more comfortable. However, we're all in on the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. We got a Chase Sapphire Reserve, a Chase Sapphire Preferred, a Chase Freedom Unlimited, and an American Express Platinum. The Sapphire cards are required to unlock point transfers to other parties. Chad wanted Freedom Unlimited to increase the base earning rate from 1.0 to 1.5x on all purchases. After researching American Express Platinum, while the $695 annual fee is high, we have already subscribed to many services that the card discounted. The math worked out as free lounges because the card services matched our spending. Adding the Amex Platinum allows us to downgrade to another Delta Amex card. Therefore, adding the Amex Platinum card unlocked a lot of lounge privileges for the entire family and essentially reduced net-spend. When not flying Delta, the Chase Sapphire Reserve added restaurant options in Detroit and Washington, DC.

Laura has been a bit hesitant to change. Lyn states it's fairly typical for one spouse to hesitate up to the first “free” vacation paid for with points and miles. After that trip, they become believers in the program. At the end of the day, the Pennycuffs are slightly modifying Lyn's system. Chad used American Express and Chase points instead of Chase and Capital One. However, he may add Capital One to the system later. 2023 is the year to get some new cards, the transition from airline cards to a flexible point system, build up a war chest of flexible points and transition to a new way of traveling, spending, and managing points.

At My DVC Points, we're 1000% convinced Lyn can help your family of four get at least two trips per year to Disney World or Disneyland. Lyn believes that's an understatement based on her experience; however, we will play it safe and underpromise so she can over-deliver. If you would like to download Lyn's free PDF guide to getting a Southwest Airlines companion pass and unlock BOGO airfare for up to two years, please use our affiliate link.